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    Video gets really LQ after exporting in .AVI




      I've recently starting using AE CS3 because CS6 can't be downloaded on my laptop.

      I make music video's for YouTube, I normally just use a image and audio but that's not going to work if I want to get more views. So I really wanted to have audio waves, i've first tried to just use the audio spectrum but after exporting/putting it on YouTube. The image behind the audio spectrum get's really LQ and it sort of moves with the audio waves. I've also tried to put 'polor' on it so the audio waves are round but that isn't working. So my question...


      How do I get a video that's HQ with audio waves/everything else.


      Example: Jpb - High - YouTube


      Thanks for reading and sorry for any  misspelled words.

      - Damian

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody can tell you anything without proper technical details like exact render settings.



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            bogiesan Level 4

            There are literally hundreds of clips on youtube about how to improve the video quality of youtube clips. There are only a few clips on youtube that can help you improve the quality of your youtube clip concepts. Putting an audio waveform effect over a still image and using someone else's music is not going to et you more views. You get more views by creating something people are interested watching.


            There are two places your video can get quantized and blocked up: rendering in AE, transcoding to an applaudable format, and youtube's encoder. I guess that's three places. As Myl says, tell us about your workflow, be specific about frames and codecs.