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    The "File Info..." box does not appear, how to fix?


      I have sent this in on the bug fix form and thought id ask on here as well. Basically I am trying to find out the information for my document which I am in the middle of editing, though after clicking on file info within the file menu nothing appears. It wont let me exit indesign as it says there is a dialog box there, the only way i can "exit" this is by selecting enter on the keyboard before closing down indesign. I have tested this on a new document, tried making my screen scale smaller, checked the other desktops and I cannot find or see any file info dialog box when it is apparently in use. I am using an Apple MacBook Pro on operating system "Mavericks-10.9.5". I have done the same sequence of creating a document and selecting file info on photoshop as a test to see whether it crosses over all the software, though this isnt the case. Therefore I have tried to clear my workspace preferences and again to no avail. Can anyone figure this problem out?


      Thanking you in advance





      This issue has been resolved after finding the below linked post. I reinstalled Indesign and it seems to work fine now, though if the error reoccurs I will add this to my thread. Also something that is worthy of noting is that I also use multiple screens, i vary between using the macbook's screen alone and that of the macbook plus a HD desktop monitor.




      Further to using the guidance found in the below thread my illustrator CC has once again encountered this issue. I have been using multiple screens as usual and I am wondering if there is a simpler way to sort the issue out rather then re-installing the software?


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