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    Switching from Windows to Mac - How to Organize the app icons on the Mac desktop?

    Laguna Hiker Level 1

      I've just switched from Windows to Mac -- a 27" iMac running OS X Yosemite (and, yes, I do love my new computer, thank you). I have downloaded the CC apps that I use (almost a dozen), and I've got a couple of questions about how to organize the app icons for easy access.


      I use all of my CC apps fairly regularly, and about half of them every day or so. I'd like to avoid cluttering the Dock with a dozen application icons. So, what's best practice in the Mac community for organizing CC app icons for easy access?


      One other question: CC has its own installer/launcher app that is attached to an icon on the right side of the menubar. Should I set this to automatically open whenever I log in to my Mac? On the Windows side, I had it autostart at login, so that It would notify me of any updates. Does that work the same way in OS X?


      Thanks for your help. This is quite an adventure, and I must say that I am enjoying it!