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    Lightroom Mobile on Surface Pro


      I've been trying to find an answer to this question but have had no luck. I use Adobe Lightroom as part of my Creative Cloud Membership on my desktop for a majority of my photo editing. All is good there.


      In Lightroom I've signed in and made some of my Collections editable on the cloud. I love that I can use my iPad or my Android Phone using the Lightroom Mobile App to do some light editing whenever I'm away from my desktop.


      I have a Surface Pro tablet also and I would love to use my Surface Pro to edit photos when away from my desktop. My problem is  it doesn't seem like Lightroom on the Surface has the same capabilities to edit the catalogs that I've set to be in the cloud.

      Am I not understanding how Online/Mobile/Tablets work together or am I wanting to do something that isn't possible. It just seems like a Surface Pro 3 should be able to do what my iPad and phone can do.


      I've read all about putting catalogs on dropbox and have the images on a removable drive and understand how that works, it just seems much more burdensome than the easier iPad/phone ease of use.



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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          The Surface Pro does NOT run Lightroom Mobile, it runs the FULL version of Lightroom as it is essentially considered a PC  instead of a tablet.

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            ElStretcho Level 1

            I understand that. That's why I want to use the Surface Pro, so I can have the full version of lightroom. What I don't want is to have to move my catalog or original images off my desktop. I can make changes to the images I've saved to the cloud using my ipad or phone and Lightroom Mobile. Why can't I do the same with a Surface? Am I missing something or is this functionality not available?

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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In essence you're looking for networkable Lightroom. Central catalogue between Surface Pro 3 and desktops. That's not supported on Lightroom (full version).


              The options are the ones you're already aware of: Dropbox (to convince Lightroom it has a locally connected catalogue) or catalogue/images on a removable drive and swapping between machines.


              A central catalogue between all devices would certainly be one of the most sought after feature requests for Lightroom. One catalogue per Lightroom (full version) installation is a roadblock for many.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You want to share LR and its photos on two desktop-capable systems.   LR is a single-user program that needs the catalog attached locally. 


                The way I accomplish what you want is to have my LR catalog and photos on a portable USB3-attached 2TB drive and carry that with me.  Because the drive is portable and subject to loss or theft or damage I backup my 2TB drive to another 2TB drive when I am at my main desktop computer.  I basically copy everything on the main drive to the backup drive but using options in my backup program to only copy files that are different either in time-stamp or filesize which works out to my new photos, my LR catalog and some LR preview files.  I have had the portable drive fail and merely replace my backup drive and use my former backup for my primary work, immediately, or as soon as I have copied things to the new backup drive.

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                  I have the same question as Elstretcho. We both know that Surface Pro is a full PC and can run full Lightroom. However, we want to access the mobile smart previews, edit them on the Surface Pro, just like you would with an IPad, and have them sync back to the desktop. Having to carry around a portable drive with one catalog on it that you share is similar, but not the same.

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                    jimgries Level 1

                    Eh, nevermind. Looks like you need a mobile app and currently that app is only available for iOS and Android. Until Adobe ports the app to the Windows store, looks like we're out of luck.

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                      john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      What you can do is use your browser to go to Lightroom.com, sign in, and then do some edits in your browser window. Tried that?



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                        Is this something you've done John? lightroom.com is not related to Adobe Lightroom, do you have the correct web address?

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                          Bob Somrak Level 6

                          John probably meant to say "lightroom.adobe.com".

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                            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

                            Editing images with a browser is a viable solution for the Surface Pro. Here's the basic steps to get there.


                            First ,the catalog on your main computer needs have sync turned on.

                            Next put images into collections that you want to sync.

                            Turn on sync for those collections

                            Go to Adobe.com with a browser on the Surface Pro. Log into your CC account.

                            Click the LR icon to go to your synced collections

                            Select an image and find the edit button in the upper left

                            Edits done here will be synced back to the desktop catalog

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                              adamdprice Level 1

                              Very useful, thanks

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                                mattheww3186360 Level 1

                                hi, i want to go the otherway, i just want the app that i have on my iPhone, lightroom mobile, on my work surface pro.  No real editing, just having the pics accessible.

                                Is there any plan to make the mobile ap compatible with a surface pro? i know it can handle the full version but i don't want to install it onto this work machine!



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                                  john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  You can't do this. The Lightroom Mobile app runs on iOS or Android, not on Mac or Windows.


                                  Maybe you should install the new Lightroom CC? It is like Lightroom Mobile but running on your second Mac or Windows computer.