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    error on all hidden type for tag cfinpit . help!

      I've a problem with some coldfusion 6.1 scripts running on a server with coldfusion 7.
      It seems that it isn't accepting the hidden type for the tag cfinput, as it throws an error
      described on the following lines:

      The value of the attribute TYPE, which is currently "Hidden", must be
      one of the values: RADIO,CHECKBOX,PASSWORD,TEXT.

      The error occurred in
      D:\hshome\user102\midasadmin.com\admin\pharmacies_edit.cfm: line 251

      249 :
      250 : <cfform>
      251 : <cfinput type="Hidden" name="shipments" value="TRUE">

      This code was working good on a coldfusion mx 6.1 server, but it wont work in the new server. When reffering to the knowledge base this code appears to be right and should run OK on a server with CF 7.

      Is there anything wrong on that line?
      or what could be the problem here?

      please if you can reply to my email as well.

      THANKS! :)