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    Problem with internal error


      I have installed the trial version of Presenter 10 to see how it works. The video recording works. However, when attempting to go to the blue or green button for the screen capture I receive the following message and the program quits:


      Application encountered an internal error


      I have no idea what the problem is. Can someone help, please?


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          RajeevAdobe Adobe Employee

          Are you using Windows or Mac ?

          If you are using Adobe Presenter Video Express on Mac then you may try to reduce the screen resolution and then try to capture. Please provide more details and if possible post the screenshot of the error.




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            I am having a similar problem. When I attempt to record using adobe presenter video express 10, I receive an error message from windows stating "Application Encountered an internal error"  I am using an hp revolve laptop, no second screen.  I have tried reducing the resolution and opening the application as an administrator, but no luck.

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              Mayank_M Adobe Employee

              Hi Rebecca,


              Do you have two monitors? If , Yes can you try to disconnect one and then try to record again with Presenter Video Express.




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                ujaama Level 1

                Thank you for your email response. I decided to download the program on my Mac and it seems to work without the internal error.


                I still have the error on my iMac but I will deal with that.


                Dr. Scena Webb

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                  rebeccas34609585 Level 1

                  I was not using two monitors, but I was able to get it to work by running the application as a different user and logging in as the local admin.  I just finished my first video and using presenter was really easy and fun!  thanks.

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                    I had to set my resolution down to 1920x1080 in order to get it to work on my MS Surface. 

                    It seems that at any resolution greater than 1920x1080 (or if you have multiple screens) it causes the application error when you try to do anything other than take video of the presenter.  It will record  that video, but will not allow you to switch to the application on the screen or to do the split presenter and application.


                    On my PC (Win 8.1 pro) with 3 monitors, 2 are at 1920x1080 and one is a widescreen at 2560x1080 it constantly crashed the application.  I tired to dumb down my triple monitors to 1920x1080, but with the multiple monitors it still crashed.


                    When i finally got it to run correctly it seems to be a great product, but having to dumb down my systems in order for it to work is not good.