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    animation for dummies

      I have just begun using fireworks and DM but am mainly trying to set up a couple pages of graphics before I really get into putting anything together for good. I am trying to learn fireworks which seems pretty simple in itself but when I try to do an animation for one object while there are any other objects on the same page it seems to make everything else dissapear while it is in rotation. once I have run through all the frames the other objects appear for a split second only to dissapear again as the animation runs its cycle. for some reason it would seem the single object is making the entire canvas rotate but I am not sure why that is happening. If you could give me some insight as to what I should do to avoid this happening it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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          bdekerguelen Level 1
          Is there any way to keep the image I am trying to rotate from snapping to the canvas? It seems to be turning the entire layer which is covering the other image. I want the item to rotate independently from everything else but cant seem to keep it from rotating the entire background. Very annoying
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            bdekerguelen Level 1
            Figured it out. Had to share accross frames. guess I will have to make the background a different layer or something like this. would still like some insight into this if anybody has any ideas. although I have my images rotating independently from my stationary images im still afraid that if I color the background it will spin that as well.