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    Need help sending variables from HTML to SWF...

      I have a header with tab buttons--- When you are on a certain page the coorisponding tab is a different color(as a locator).

      Right now I have like, 7 or 8 different headers that are the same thing minus the colored tab of the current page.

      Is there a way to code the flash so that I only need one header, but still keep the off-colored buttons when on the coorisponding page?

      Apparently, from what I have gathered I need to Send a variable to the SWF from the embedding HTML using FlashVars or SWFObjects' 'addVariable' method etc so the SWF knows which tab/color to use.

      But, I have no ideal where to start...uugggggg.

      Any Suggestions????
      I really, really need to figure this out.
      Thanks in advance,
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          Jan-Paul K. Level 1
          the easiest way to pass vars to the flash is by appending them to the url of the flash:

          e.g your swiff is called "mymovie.swf" and you want a parameter "color" to be available on the _root level of your movie, so all you have to do is embed the flash with the following url into your html page:

          now back in flash you can get the value of "color" like this:

          in _root timeline:
          in any other timeline:

          the value will be filled once the movie is called from within the HTML as explained above