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    Connection Key Issues

      I have a user for whom I've sent a connection key, when they try to use the key (i.e. opening the key in Contribute), they receive the following error:
      Contribute could not verify your connection key.
      Please contact your administrator for assistance.

      (Server Error: Contribute cannot contact the website specified in the connection key. Please contact this website's Administrator for assistance.)

      The user is in the same user group on the Windows server as all the other users of Contribute and they are using the correct login information.

      Any ideas on what could be going on?
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          I have a similar problem.

          I am working with a user who has a Mac; I have a PC. We are both using Contribute 2.

          I sent him a connection key together with the password.

          When he clicked on the key and entered the password, he got the following error message:

          Your login or password is incorrect. Please check your connection information or contact your administrator.

          I went round to enter in the password myself to make sure it was entered correctly and I got the same error message.

          However when I click on the connection key on my machine and enter the same password, I have no problems re-setting the connection.

          Does anyone have any ideas about what's going wrong?

          Thanks in advance.
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            Same problem here. I have a user who cannot connect and is receiving the same errors already stated. The user has tried installing Contribute on a second computer to see if that resolves the problem, but it didn't.

            Also, another user for the same site can connect successfully.

            We're using Contribute 4.
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              Compmouse Level 1
              I forgot to add that we're using Contribute 3
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                I am user with CS4, administartor has CS3 and I get a simple error message, with no error code. T

                his issue is currently with Adobe Tech Support for resolution.