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    converting bbcode into HTML

      Just curious of how one would approach this.

      i'm trying to convert bbcode to its HTML equivalent on the fly from a mySQL 5 db into a MS-SQL 2005 db.

      Consequently, I need to catch a few basic instances (b, i, u, url, img, etc.) and past them thru to clean . . .convert stuff like
      [i:56a7309fdd] something here [/i:56a7309fdd] and convert it into its standard tag in HTML

      any takers?
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          Dinghus Level 1
          Use the REPLACE command. Make your entire block of code into a string variable and then REPLACE. It will take a number of steps but that is about all you can do.
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            cfjeeper Level 1
            yeah. . .i tried a few things with Replace and ReplaceList. . . it was barking on the [ and the ] . I took a peek at the db did ran a few queries to see how much data was there. Me and a co-worker agreed that time would be better spent with a browser's view source and a grid. . .than trying to figure out something that would just be cool for just this one thing. . .

            but non-the-less, I really do appreciate the respond Dinghus. (thumbs up)