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    Fade Dynamic Text

      I am trying to load 3 strings from an outside source of text to my SWF and then fade them in and out (one at a time). I have been trying to do this using a TXT file, but I am open to suggestions.

      I have put a dynamic text box inside of a movie clip (or two) so that I might be able to fade it. I have been successful in fading and switching out the proper text, but the text formatting will not work and you will see a '<BR/>' in the middle of the text.

      I have also been successful in switching out the proper text with the proper formatting, but without the fading.It seems like a 'level' problem.

      Is it possible to have all 3 working together??

      Thanks for your help!!

      I have used a million variations and locations of this code, but here is the main chunk of code that I have been using: