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    Any interest in an alternative to QTP for automating Flex apps?

    Brian Knorr Level 1

      Automating functional tests is critical to the way we develop software at my company. And there are two big things that stop us from using QTP.

      1) It's record and playback - we want to write test scripts
      2) It costs a lot of money - we want a tool that is free and community driven

      At my company we are writing several applications in Flex2 and are building out an as3 library that allows us to write test scripts in as3 to drive the Flex ui as if the user was interacting with it. If you are familiar with the Java Swing testing tool called Jemmy, it's very similar in design.

      Is there any interest out there for a tool like this? I am about to create a sourceforge project, but first wanted to get a feel for the need.