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    scaling images dynamically

    kanukukreja Level 1
      i'm loading images dynamically. The images that will be uploaded will very rarely be of the exact same dimensions, so scaling percent wise doesn't exactly do what I want. I would like to scale an image up and down to a precise amount of pixels (say,
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          Hi kanukukreja,

          I don't know if this is what your looking for, but try this:
          var newXScale:Number = (116/uplImage._width)*100;
          var newYScale:Number = (86/uplImage._height)*100;
          uplImage._xscale = newXScale;
          uplImage._yscale = newYScale;

          This will, however, not respect the original aspect ratio of your image. If you want to keep the aspect ratio, you should filter out the smallest scale and set the xscale and yscale to that value.

          Best regards,
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            Jan-Paul K. Level 1
            once the image is loaded completely (onLoadInit Event must be fired if using MovieClipLoader) you can access the size of the image via the _width and _height properties.

            The logic to code would be to check the size of the image and check if it fits into a virtual bounding box that marks the max width and height for the images as they should be dispayed.
            If one (or both) sides of the image exceeds the maximum width, calculate the percentage by which you must scale the image down to fit this sied into the "box". Apply this factor to BOTH the widht and the height, then check if the other side of the image is still to big to fit into the box and repeat the downscaling if needed.