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    How to use authentication with REST

      I'm new to FLex and have been playing with HHTPService and had some fun so far. I've recently tried to access twitter rest api but it requires the browser/flash to do basic authentication. After reading about the header property in service I realised I cannot add an Authentication header that way so did some searching on the web. A few articles point to URLRequest so Icopied so code and had a go. I've tried creating a request for the web sites public timeline (as it requires not auth) and this works, so I then added the header for the authentication and tried a peronal timeline and it fails to auth and the browser prompts for the user/password. The really weird thing is that if I change the URLRequest to POST (instead of GET) and use HTTPLook to watch the requests, they still go out as GETs. Also if I add other custom headers to see if they are passwed through they are missing as well as the auth?

      Does anybody have any working code to access rest service that rquires authentication that code post or mail me?

      Thanks, D