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    Deleted slides doesn't reduce filesize

      I have a Captivate 2 project with 250 slides in it. The file size is 250Mb.

      I deleted all but 10 sildes and saved the file.

      The file size is still 250Mb!

      I looked all over for a Pack utility, but found none.

      Any suggestions?

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          i_am_captivate Level 1

          In the Library, you will see 6 icons along the top, the 5th one is called "select unused items". Click on that and then delete them all. What I have noticed with Captivate 2 is that even when you delete slides, it still keeps their contents in the library. Doing what I mentioned should decrease your file size.

          Hope this helps

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            Chesterfield55 Level 1
            Sure, that would make sense. I forgot that Captivate 2 got a Library a-la Flash.

            So, I bet that means you'd best use a repeating image (like a program desktop) from the Library instead on pasting it into the bottom layer of each slide as we did in Captivate 1, which would probably create the identical image n-times in the Library. Hmmm....

            Thanks for the "whack on the side of the head!'