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    Export issues

      Hi, I hope you can help. I had some issues with exporting before but I got a lot of help in here so thanks to everyone that replied last time.

      My issue now is skipping in the export. I am exporting my file as a .mov file (no interactivity is required, just needs to play on the computer). When exported the music on the file skips as well as the images. Any advice on how to avoid this?

      On a separate subject, does macromedia do a program for photo and movie making?


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          Hi Stu,

          If you play back the video file frame by frame, is all of the content
          there? Is the problem with the playback of the video, or do you think
          that some of the original content is missing?

          If all of the content is there, but it won't play correctly, then you
          probably want to look at the compression settings that you are using.
          You may have the data rate set too high, and so it won't play back well.

          Rob Dillon
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            All the content is there so I guess it must be the compression. Its currently set on 'Animation'
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              Sorry... had a bit more to say.... there are loads of other types of compression but I don't know which would be the best one to use.
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                Hi Stu,

                I'd suggest you export your movie as an image sequence (PMP - Windows/PICT - Mac).
                This will give you uncompressed frames of your movie that you could then make into a
                vidoe in another program. Macromedia is now merged into Adobe. Adobe have a video
                editng program called Premiere that would be good to use once you have your imge
                sequence and want to convert it to a QT or other video type. There is no one
                compression methed (codec) that is syuiable for every video type, but a good codec
                for QT is Sorenson.

                For more info on various codecs, go to Codec Central at:


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                  Hi Dean,

                  I'm having a similar issue, was having massive trouble syncing sound with my swf file in Director but have now sorted this thanks to your advice, I went back to the Flash file and added sound there so, swf animation and audio are now one thing! And now runs really well, thank you!

                  My problem now is with exporting my Director file, I have managed to get the project to run on both paltforms although the files are not always reconized on all computers? And when it does run, it might run very slowly or finish before the end of the animation!

                  I've followed your "creating a stub projector" tutorial so I have all the extra's in a folder so there not included within the projector itself! Making a lighter file, but I still fear this file could be to big as there is a slugishness to the play back!

                  Could this be down to the compression settings? Or another thought I had was in your "Stub" tutorial you mentioned, when discussing the files tab in the publishing setting window: "The options at the bottom, Play every movie in list is only important if we include more than one movie in the projector, WHICH IS NOT ADVISABLE IN ANY SITUATION", I'm a bit worried about this comment as I have included about 9 movies/menu/titles all within the same Director project! I'm I right in thinking this could be why my project is running slowly? Do I need to saparate out all of this movie into other projects, similar to how the 'Stub' starts up the main director file?

                  Again as always your help would be greatly apprecaited!

                  Thanks Dean!

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                    Hi Simon,

                    I am glad my advice and tutorials have been helpful. See my reply in your
                    'Construction method' thread for more info on your current issues.


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