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    Premiere Elements


      When I was introduced to Premiere some years ago i was warned of expecting to spend weeks,

      if not months, understanding and getting to grips with Elements software packages.  Now on

      reading the numerous comments in Adobe Community pages I think it is worrying the sheer number

      of faults and range of problems experienced by users of the various Premiere versions and wonder

      if the creators of these software packages are trying to be too clever or bringing out newer versions

      for the sake of it or (more  likely) for marketing considerations.   I hear of newcomers to Premiere being

      unable to understand tuition presentations let alone the software itself.   Come on Adobe, keep things

      simple and let users spend their time creating great movies instead of wasting their time trying to fathom

      out far too complicated software packages.  

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Remember that for every challenge you see posted there are thousands of people who are getting along with no problems whatsoever. Otherwise this wouldn't be one of the most popular video editors in the world. Judging by searching the forums rather than your own experiencing is like judging a product by looking at its consumer reviews on Amazon. It may or may not tell you what your experience will be.


          Meantime, if you're interested, I've created a free 8-part Basic Training tutorial series that should get you started.

          *** Welcome to Muvipix.com ***


          But do judge the program by your experience. Don't just slam it based on other's complaints before you've even broken the seal on the box.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            In a forum user to user discussion, I would be glad for the opportunity to answer questions or give you clarification on any of your Premiere Elements workflows.

            I am not affiliated with Adobe in anyway. My interest is in helping the user gain success with Premiere Elements video projects.  If you are interested in assisted troubleshooting, please start by letting use know version of Premiere Elements and on which computer operating it is running and details of the problem. We can be as detailed as you want. I believe that the answers are in the details. But, we can go at whatever troubleshooting pace you prefer.


            If you are not interested, you need not reply.


            Best wishes with whatever your video editing decision is.



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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Nobody who hasn't experienced any problems starts a thread on a forum.  If they did, there would be so many that we would never be able to read all of the threads.

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                mikehaywood Level 1

                Hi Steve, I would like to thank you for replying to my comments even if it was a rap on the knuckes for voicing criticism of Premiere but I'm not completely wet behind the ears in the world of video and video editing.


                I started making videos in the dawn of this technology way back in the 1980s when using Sony Trinicon cameras and editing onto the Sony Beta C9 recorder.  I then advanced to primitive and basic edit devices before eventually buying the Canopus DV Storm Edit system with firewire input from Sony DVCAM tape decks.


                Without doubt, for many video producers of all levels, this was the best and most simple editing facility available in that it offered FRAME ACCURATE Batch Capture of video clips from the word go.  Drag to the timeline in any order, very straightforward transitions and titles with rubber band audio, transfer to a master video (later DVD) -  job done.  We often transferred over 100 clips in a single project with frame accuracy from the start.


                Unfortunately Canopus making Storm Edit went out of business and the search was on for an effective editing system which would accommodate intermediate level video makers such as ourselves. (weddings, stage shows, modest budget commercial projects and so on) and having discarded software such as Windows Movie Maker, Ulead and others) we opted for Premiere Elements 11 which we felt would be ideal for us as well as good valiue.


                Firstly, we were disappointed that there was no Batch Capture function and secondly, the complicated array of screens and windows requiring an assortment data and settings much of which we found difficulty in understanding - even with the User Guide - made life difficult however, we were told that Premiere 6.0 (even though quite old) had the Batch Capture facility, was less complicated software and therefore ideal for our requirements.  That is now installed and we are looking forward to using it.


                The point of my criticism (being fairly new to Premiere Forum) was that firstly we don't think Premiere attach enough importance to the videomakers prime possession and that is his precious clips which he wants to input with frame accuracy from the start instaed of having to adjust the clips at a later stage and  secondly, apart from Premiere Pro for top-end producers, Elements software is aimed too high for the average videographer who is either a semi-pro or an enthusiastic amateur both sets with only average computer and data knowledge.  We think that Premiere should provide a more simplified software cutting out the so many functions the average user would never use and so accommodate this group of video makers of which there are very many and I'm sure such a product would become a real favourite for this large group of people.


                Having said all this, Premiere is the most sort after edit software and some day soon we hope to buy and master Premiere Pro.


                With kind regards,


                Mike Haywood  .

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                  mikehaywood Level 1

                  Hello ATR, many thanks indeed for your very kind message and offer to help with our Premiere problems.  I thought I would let you know that I will be replying in detail to your mail tomorrow or Tuesday.


                  Kind regards,  Mike Haywood

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                    mikehaywood Level 1

                    Hello ATR,

                    once again many thanks for your kind offer of help with regard to Premiere Elements.


                    I aatach a copy of my reply to the 'rap on the knuckles' I received from Steve Grisetti but, as you can see, my concern was the lack of a more simplified Premiere software cutting out so many complicated and confusing features which the average videomakrer  would never use.   In Premiere 11 for instance, we found the User Guide often difficult to understand, let alone the software itself and frequently came unstuck in understanding the many screens requiring settings information.


                    As you will see, I put much importance on Frame Accurate Batch Capture which Premiere 11 doesn't have (although Premiere Pro does have but that version is well above our heads) however, I found that Premiere version 6.0 (although quite old now) does have Batch Capture and I was able to acquire a copy of this which is now installed in our PC.(ideal as we are still on Windows XP) but it came with a simplified User Manual called 'The Premiere 6.0 Bible' which will be very helpful.


                    I have a mountain of family videos to edit and now looking forward to working on Premiere 6.0 but if I come unstuck I hope I will still be able to take up your kind offer.


                    With kindest regards,  Mike Haywood