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    file size changing when pass through after effects  (180Mb file goes in and comes out 33GB on export)

    djmattyz Level 1

      im processing a video recorded of an  interview where the lighting was not very good on the interviewee

      im brightening up the light on the interviewees face


      the file was a 180Mb  H.264 file on import 

      when i export the file its coming out at 33GB in size.... im not sure why this is


      i have chosen the default setting "lossless" as the format for export


      i just want the file to export the same size and quality as it was when i imported it


      what options should i choose for this?    AE does not seem to tell me how big the end file will be and it takes 1 hour and half to process this 2 minute interview so it will take me an awfull long time to get to the bottom of this if i try by myself