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    vbscript crop() with photoshop


      Hi Guys,

      can someone helps me about method crop() with vbscript.

      I never get it work..



      Set app = CreateObject("Photoshop.Application")

           set idoc = app.ActiveDocument


      idoc.Crop( Array(25,0,125,100),0,100,100,72)


      Than you for help.


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          Philip Cord Level 4

          On many versions of Photoshop there is a folder that has examples, this is in the application - scripting - sample scripts.

          This is the example for crop using vbs.


          ' Copyright 2002-2008.  Adobe Systems, Incorporated.  All rights reserved.
          ' This script will iterate through all of the layers of a document. If the
          ' layer is not a text layer, the layer's color values are inverted. If it 
          ' is the background layer, also rotate, then crop the entire canvas. In 
          ' order to invert the entire document, each layer must be inverted 
          ' independently (or flattened beforehand).
          ' Before running this script, create a document with a few non-text layers.
          Option Explicit
          Dim appRef
          Set appRef = CreateObject( "Photoshop.Application" )
          Dim docRef
          Dim cropBounds
          Dim artLayerRef
          Dim strtRulerUnits
          If ( appRef.Documents.Count > 0 ) Then
              strtRulerUnits = appRef.Preferences.RulerUnits
              appRef.Preferences.RulerUnits = 1 ' psPixels
              Set docRef = appRef.ActiveDocument
              Dim offset
              offset = 20
              cropBounds = Array( 20, 20, docRef.Width - offset, docRef.Height - offset )
              ' Check each ArtLayer to see what type it is.  Ignore all text layers.
              For Each artLayerRef In docRef.ArtLayers
                  ' For every non-text layer, invert the contents.
                  If ( Not artLayerRef.Kind = 2 ) Then ' psTextLayer
                      ' Need to make the active layer this non-text layer in order to modify the layer.
                      ' I want to invert the contents of the entire doc (excluding text), so need to
                      ' invert every layer.
                      docRef.ActiveLayer = artLayerRef
                      ' See if there is anything on this layer, you can't invert an empty layer
                      Dim w, h
                      w = artLayerRef.Bounds(0)(2) - artLayerRef.Bounds(0)(0)
                      h = artLayerRef.Bounds(0)(3) - artLayerRef.Bounds(0)(1)
                      If w Or h Then
                      End If
                      ' The background layer is always non-text, so test to see if it's the background layer.
                      ' If it is, then rotate and crop it.
                      If ( artLayerRef.IsBackgroundLayer ) Then
                          docRef.RotateCanvas 45
                          docRef.Crop cropBounds
                      End If
                  End If
              appRef.Preferences.RulerUnits = strtRulerUnits
              MsgBox "Create a document with a few layers before running this script"
          End If
          MsgBox "Crop complete"
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            Nems77 Level 1

            Thank you Philip for your answer. I didn't get this exemple in my folder.. strange..