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    Nvidia GTX 980 Slow Playback and Rendering on 36 Core Dual Xeon


      I have a Dual Xeon e5 2699 v3 machine (18 cores per CPU; 36 physical; 72 Logical).  I am processing Red Dragon footage at 6K resolution and 60 Frames per Second.  I have a Red Rocket-X card as well as Four (4) GTX-980 Nvidia GPUs.  When I try to use the Mercury Playback engine the performance is pitiful.  When I select CPU/Software only I get over 120 fps.  The Adobe CC software ONLY uses One of the Two CPUs installed on the system at any one time, it is like it doesn't see the other CPU even though Windows acknowledges that both are there and working (Cinema 4D and Cinebench use all 72 logical cores and will max them all out).  However, even with the Adobe CC Software only seeing 1 of 2 CPUs, the CPU playback is still way faster than the Mercury Playback/CUDA version.  This makes no sense to me sense the GTX-980s are the fastest/newest cards from Nvidia.  I have read that Premiere CC will only use one GPU for playback but will use multiple cards for renders.  HOWEVER, when rendering GPU-z says that each of my cards is working at less than 25% of capacity.  The rest of the system is NOT the bottle neck, I have 256Gb of DDR4 RAM, along with 12-1Tb SSDs attached to a 12 Channel 12Gb/s e-SATA card with 8Gb of RAM on the card.  I am getting sustained transfers on the RAID of over 2 Gigabytes per second.


      I have invested a lot in this machine in an effort to save rendering time.... Adobe's recommendation for multiple CPUs and Multiple Graphics cards don't seem to matter as my render times are no faster than they were using FCP-X on a 2010 12 core MacPro Tower.


      I hope it is just a driver or programming issue that relates to the 2699's and the GTX980 being so new???


      Any Help would be appreciated,