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    PDF intermittent export problems (e.g Font embedding sometimes fails)




      Currently we're experiencing some weird issue with our Indesign Server in one of our environments ( we do not experience the same problem in our other env which has the same configuration)

      It is often exporting some PDFs with problems in its font information (when opening the PDF in the viewer, some of the text is missing and the reader shows a prompt "Cannot extract the embedded font '<some alphanumeric prefix>' + <font_name>'. Some characters may not display or print correctly")

      We are not using any font manager/3rd party plugins and have also tried to clear/refresh the font cache / list (*.lst) files and reset Indesign Server preferences (by deleting specific the pref folders as advise in one of the forum posts)

      The problem is intermittent as exporting the PDF from the IDML again doesn't cause the error so not sure why this is happening.


      Note that we are exporting the PDF to a shared folder (but mapped to a local folder where indesign server is located, the folder is referenced in indesign with the remote path e.g \\192.168..x.x\Shared\<output_file>.pdf). There is no antivirus installed on the computer.


      Does anyone have any similar problem or any advise on what else I can investigate?