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    Probelms previewing SWF into file on startup of site after being published to "deploy to web" folder.


      I am having problems previewing a "swf" intro file (created in Flash, and saved as an Actionsrcript 3 "swf" file) after the site is published to the "deploy to web". When I open the "Maiin.html" in a browser, the "swf" intro does not play as it did on a browswer from within Flash Catalyst. What can I do to get the "swf" inrto to play on startup of the site?


      Caveat: When I initially published the site, I also chose the "publish to AIR option", but recieved an error message to check the code in the code space of Flash Catalyst in the "problems area" at the bottom of that menu. I did check, and there were no problems in the bottom area. Could this be part of the problem why the "swf" intro will not preview in a browser after being published to "deploy to web"?