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    Level 7
      if i want create a website including including user intractivity animation
      everying what all languages i need to learn for this
      please replay me quickly

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          Jan-Paul K. Level 1
          how about actionscript? but since you posted in this forum you might already know about that.

          So to give you a complete list of needed skills to create a proper website you will need at least knowledge in:
          - HTML
          - CSS
          - maybe some JavaScript, but thats not that important
          - Flash/Actionscript (for your animation part)
          - some serverside Technology if you want to persist data to a database or file system, for beginners this would be PHP (the easiest language for such purpose)

          so if you are planning to build a website on you own wihtout any basic knowledge: forget it!

          You should probably stick to some WYSIWYG-Editor like Dreamweaver or similar to get startet...but if you want to build a "real" website, WYSIWYG Editors won't take you very far without reaching their limits (as long as you don't know the basics of the above mentioned technologies)