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    Unable to open project

      I am having two different problems to Adobe Robohelp HTML X5

      (1) When opening a project (previously created in the Robohelp HTML X5) from my networked drive i can see all the folders and topics i have created in the Project tab. If i select to view them they are displayed correctly. If however i want to edit them, that is a different matter altogether. Double clicking a topic or selecting 'Edit' does absolutely nothing - the text is not displayed in the right hand side of the window like i am used to and i am unable to find a way to edit the information at all.

      (2) Thinking that this may be a network problem i have copied the entire directory for my C drive - now when opening the same file from the C drive i get the following error: 'Open project was cancelled or application was unable to load database for "C:\MyCvs\src\helptext\ISM.cpd' - the file ISM.cpd is in the required directory.

      Please help, i am unable to get started with anything !!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          One problem I think. RH is not designed to be run across a network so it has probably corrupted a file that is now giving you the problem on the local drive.

          See the topic on my site about Opening Projects. I think you need to delete the CPD file at least and perhaps the XPJ file.