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    Embed EA into WordPress site.....EdgeSuite no longer works

    ladobeugm Level 1

      I'm trying to embed a brief .an preso into my clients' WordPress site. In the past, I'd use the EdgeSuite plugin to assist me with this, but since this latest update, it no longer allows me to use it. Even the plugin author has said as much.


      So now I'm trying to do it the old fashioned way of just moving the code over to my theme's index.php and header.php. It's just not working. All I get is the preloading circle and that's it.


      Unfortunately, I cannot show you the example, since it's not public just yet.


      I created a folder on my server called 'edge' and placed all my files there. Then I took the code the .html file produced and placed the scripts into my header.php (altering the references to point to the new 'edge' folder) and then the div holding the animation into my index.php since this is just for the homepage of the site. Nothing else.


      The tutorials to show how to do this online are out of date, so I'm just looking for some help on the newer way to incorporate EA into my WP.