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    Upgrade to RH6 issue: underscores in image filenames

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      I have a huge RH5.02 project with hundreds of images, most containing spaces in the filenames. When compiling with RH6, all image filenames are stored with underscores replacing the spaces, yet the topic links continue to look for the original filename (e.g., an image named "check for updates.jpg" is placed in a topic and the compiled topic link looks for that filename, but the image filename is now "check_for_updates.jpg" -- therefore the image is not found).

      I've gone through all the possible solutions from the forums, including turning on/off "Use underscores n file names" and "Add Mark of the Beast...er...Web", but the output is exactly the same.

      This was not an issue for me with RH5.02 -- as I do have some image filenamess created with underscores, going through the compiled help with search and replace is not an option...

      Any suggestions? This is a huge issue...thanks!