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    Dreamweaver CC2014 and PHP files not rendering properly in Browser


      My old computer was Windows 7 with XAMPP 1.8.3. I now have new computer with Windows 8.1 and I installed XAMPP 5.6.3.

      Everything worked perfectly on my previous computer set up (and still does). I did local website testing with virtual hosts set up for my multiple websites. It was all fine and dandy.


      To best of my knowledge, in setting up my new computer, I followed same XAMPP set up and made the same virtual hosting changes to (1) hosts file (Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/host); (2) httpd.conf (xampp/apache/httpd.conf); and (3) httpd-vhosts.conf (xampp/apache/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf).


      On new Windows 8.1 computer, XAMPP runs fine. Apache is running on PID 1924 and Port 80,443 / MySQL is running PID 2100 and on Port 3306.

      I do not receive any error messages. My "site1" and my "site2" (etc.) servernames pull up the correct websites...


      BUT-- The website does not display properly at all. It seems like it is not rendering the php "includes" that I have in my php webpages. The websites look fine online so there cannot be anything wrong with the files on my laptop. (They are the same website php files from my previous computer.) An example of one website is: "www.dm-webcreation.com" ... It is fine online, but shows up incorrectly on my new computer local testing server.


      Does this newer version of XAMPP use a different configuration?


      Live Preview works without problem ... but when I view in a browser, it does not render properly.


      Can anyone help me with this?