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    Vignetting added and color adjusted immediately post import into Lightroom5.


      Vignetting added and color adjusted immediately post import into lightroom5.


      My photos from my most recent trip, when imported into Lightroom, have a heavy vignette very close to all 4 corners of the photo, and seem to have some small adjustments being done to them immediately when I import. The thumbnail looks great, and when i import --> then select it to open it as if I was going to view it full size in Lightroom, it looks great [no vignetting or tone/color adjustment] for about 1-2 seconds while a 'loading' footer is shown, following which the color is slightly altered and the vignetting is added (at this point then the thumbnail changes as well). This is a significant and noticable change to the photo. The pictures also do not have these issues if I view them through any other software. I have Can any one help me figure out what is causing this and remove it?


      I shoot

      • with a Sony Alpha6000
      • shoot in RAW (.ARW)
      • use the standard sony kit lens that comes with the camera bundle, lens SELP1650 (3.5-5.6/16mm-50mm)
      • edit on Windows 7 64bit with Lightroom5
      • and don't believe I've adjusted any camera settings since last taking pictures 1 week ago with the exact same lens. I looked at photos from my last trip (only one week ago), and none of them are having these or an alterations/changes upon import.
      • I took over 300 photos last weekend wthout any sign of these issues post import
      • Every single photo I took this weekend seems to have this same issue.


      Any help is appreciated!