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    Recovering JPEGs from Preview File WITHOUT Original Catalogue


      I somehow deleted my catalogue, but I have my preview file and the original RAW files. This is a unique situation because most of the solutions that I've seen that help to get preview jpeg files back require the original catalogue file and are meant for people to get what they can at least when they lose their RAW files. I just want the JPEG previews out of the preview file so that I can have the files to reference as I rebuild my catalogue. This was just a smaller catalogue for organizational purposes, thank god. No major editing. But how can I get those preview files??? Shouldn't Adobe have a way for lightroom to do this or at least provide a tool? Please help if you can! Thanks.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          If you look in the "*previews.lrdata" folder, in that directory tree you will find a bunch of *.lrprev files. These are actually JPG files. If you make a copy of them and rename them .JPG then you can view them in your favorite image viewer. The catch is that with the file names being GUIDs, you will not know which raw files these preview files go with.


          You can also pull out the JPG preview images from the raw files. However these will not contain any editing that LR did.