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    Fabridge Samples

    JKohn99 Level 1
      I've downloaded fabridge and followed the directions to place on my copy of tomcat 5.0
      1) copied the src and samples directories to mytomcat\webapps\ (Although not sure what you mean by side by side)
      2) Attempted to access mycomputer:8080//samples/FABridgeSample.html

      get a 404 error

      If i copy the samples to a webapp already on my server then the samples startup but don't appear to

      Tried including fabridge in a flex app with no success. (Again following the instructions)
      when I added the src directory to my build path (in Flex Builder) and
      added <fab:FABridge xmlns:fab="bridge.*" /> I get an compiler error (could not resolve <fab:Fabridge> to a component implementation.

      I'm a bit confused since I thought AS classes had to be in a directory structure that mirrored the package structure. Since
      FABridge.as is in a package called bridge, I would assume that it needs to be in a directory called bridge.

      So my confusion:
      - what should the directory structure of the samples be on Tomcat
      - How to I integrate fabridge into an existing flex app.

      Sorry for being so literal with the instructions, but although I've used Flex for along time the html/java script stuff if fairly new ground.


      Jim Kohn

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          I was having the same problem. I found this site that has a better explanation of how to use FABridge. Good luck. Basically src folder name should be renamed to bridge.

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            Ivascu Cristian Level 1
            Hi guys,
            Indeed, the AS files need to be in a folder mirroring the package name - in this case into a folder called bridge. The files are placed in a src folder so that you can see what files are required more easily. The steps to get the samples working on your local machine are as follows:
            1. Copy the samples and src folder to a folder under your web root (if you are using an HTTP server like Apache or IIS) and under the root of an existing web application if using Tomcat or other Application server.
            2. In the src folder create a new folder named bridge. Copy the two files there.
            3. Now the samples should work just fine.

            If you want to use FABridge in your application, you just need to place the .as file in a bridge/ folder and place the javascript file wherever you need in the application structure.
            I think that the steps on the wiki page will be updated, or the zip structure changed as soon as possible.

            Hope this helps,