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    dynamic movement

      hi folks,
      i'm working on a project for my company, and i'm trying to create a dynamic movement based on the position of the mouse.
      i followed a tutorial so i could understand the point of the elements moving on the stage while moving the mouse on any direction.

      the tutorial i found is http://www.washeebo.com/sargento/02_flsh/0215/0215.php (in spanish, the last flash is exactly what i'm trying to do).

      i'm following all the steps and works perfectly. but, i want to have the letters to be different MCs (in this tutorial you create the "E" MC and it changes dinamically by AS when you place it on the stage), and also, i want them to be external swfs. the point is that, when i invoke the swfs - loadMovie() or attachMovie() - it doesn't work!!!

      Does this means that i can't uses swfs into empty MCs as the letters? or is there any code missing??

      the code i've attached to the first frame of the MC is:

      this._xscale = this._yscale = this._y - 90;
      orig_x = this._x;
      orig_y = this._y;

      onEnterFrame = function() {
      dest_x = orig_x + ((209 - _root._xmouse) * (this._xscale/100));
      incr_x = (dest_x - this._x)/10;
      this._x += incr_x;

      dest_y = ((((250 - _root._ymouse))/125) * (orig_y - 100)) + 100;
      incr_y = (dest_y - this._y)/10;
      this._y += incr_y;

      any suggestion?
      thanks for answering!