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    Import from Aperture GPS location errors!


      i Have an Aoerture library of over 12,000 pictures a few thousand of which were taken with an iPhone which have GPS location info or taken with a normal camera and I have given the images GPS location info in Aperture. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to correct GPS location info and have corrected many of the images again in Aperture. You know what it's like when you take your phone out of your pocket and snap have a dozen pictures. As the the phone hadn't got a good GPS lock straight away you never get an accurate location of the first couple of shots. These as I say though I correct in Aperture.


      Using a trial version of Creative Cloud I imported my library and was very pleased with keywords etc but disappointed with the GPS location data. It looks like it's imported the original GPS data and not the corrected through Aperture data!  It would also appear that the images that originally had no GPS data have lost the info hat I gave them in Aperture!


      This is very is very disappointing as I don't want to have to go through thousands of pictures correcting what I have already corrected.


      Any ideas how to import corrected GPS data?