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    Attempting to INSTALL Flash Player 17, on WIndows 7, Firefox 36.0.1-why did I never used to have a problem?


      I am using Windows 7, Firefox 36.0.1, and attempting to INSTALL Flash Player 17. I never had problems until about a year ago, the way the installation & set up was so easy...now, I fight with it for days every month when a new update is ready. There used to be 2-3 easy steps to follow; now I click to download, watch the diagram until it finishes, find the icon on my desktop, and click it again (presumbly to download & install), and it disappears. I do not know where or how to see it; a few minutes later I go to my Firefox Plug in Check page...and it shows that it still is not update! So I go through the whole friggan process again...WHY????