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    button in flash

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      explian about hit state in button with some example

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            Not sure if your question has really been answered yet or if you found the info but, the "hit" area of a button is the defined space that the user must click, rollover etc for the action of the button to occur. you can make this area any size, shape, color etc you would like because it will not be visible to the user. However, chances are you'd likely want it to be the same shape & size of the button graphic you made.
            Another way to think of it is by visualizing a defective touch screen. (which i'll never understand why most are displayed in alphabetical order rather than actual keyboard style) Anyway....you may have experienced how you need to type in your name using the screen based keyboard and the letters you press either don't work or display the wrong ones. Let's say your name is "bob" and you try to push the "b" but it does not work. But...you discover that if you push the right side of the "b" key it shows up. You could view this as the "hit" area being the right side of the "b" (rather than the entire key as it should be). Hope this helps!