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    Problems with InDesign CS6 Version 8.0.2  when is working in a Local Net (LAN)


        Description of the system


      InDesign CS6 Version 8.0.2 

      Windows 7 Professional service Pack 1 / 64 bits

      Working in a Local Net LAN (speed 1.0 Gbps)

      Files in the local central server (Disc 1.5 TB (free space180 GB))

      Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40Ghz / RAM 16 Gb /
      Intel HD Graphics 2000


      Description of the conditions of the problem


      1.- Problem appears in either two case:

                a) a document structured as a InDesign book,  composed with 12 ind files

                b) a document with only one file  (Ind) (file sizes 896 KB)


      2.- The sizes of the file have not influenced (problem appears also with a file with small size as a big size file)


      3.- Tested in 5 different computers.


      Description of the problem


      When we try to write a text, the program is going slowly, losing the top tools bar during several seconds (it is not shone the tool bar for a period of time). Each time
      that we like to do a click in a different paragraph or inside a table we need to wait round 30 seconds.


      Temporal solutions used by the end user


      The following operative solves temporally the problem but it is not a correct solution:


      1) Copy and paste the folder that contains all the InDesign information (Ind files and Link) in a local folder (in the local computer) and switch off the Local Net Lan calbe from de PC. Now the InDesign is working properly.

        Serious problem of this option: no security copies are done.


      2) After packaging files in InDesign putting directly the files in the local server (Local Net LAN), we start to work with the packaged files. Now InDesign is working properly,

      but after a time in which we are adding text and drawings / pictures the program is going slowly again.

        Repeating the packaging file action, in InDesign and start the work with the new packaged files, again the program is going properly.

        The packaging of the files, it is needed twice per day (as an average).


      Additional comments


      InDesign CS6 is taking only a few resources from the computer, even when we have the problem.

      Very often the InDesign himself is been closed suddenly

      Very often the InDesign shows a window error when is closed by the user.


      Any one know a solution?


      Thanks and regards.