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    Administer existing site

      We have all our HTML help files in a directory on a network server, which has sub-folders for different topic areas.
      I'd like to use Contribute to edit the HTML, because it can do tables AND css very well.

      If I don't set up a website and just use Contribute to edit the files stand-alone, it does inline CSS styles, particularly when I press Enter to get a new line - it's like the "one line, as in standard word processors" option is set. If I press Enter twice, it doesn't do in-line styles, but it does leave empty blank lines between paragraphs (and I've only just educated my users not to put blank "formatting" lines in, I don't want to have to start over!)

      To be able to set the option to "two lines, as in web page editors", I have to set up a site connecting to my network folders.
      BUT in that case, when I publish a page, it creates duplicate copies in the top-level of the directory structure.
      Also, the links between the pages get mangled as they point to the duplicate copies.

      Ideally, I just want the Enter option to behave like "web page editors" when I'm stand-alone editing.
      But failing that, can I get Contribute to recognise and maintain my existing directory structure?