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    site directory standards

    aniebel Level 2
      Maybe this is the wrong forum to ask but I keep seeing Flash tutorials that indicate putting .as files in a folder titled "com". What does this stand for? Also, what's a general standard for directory organization when working on Flash sites/projects? Obviously, directories for XML, images, etc. I'm just curious if there's anything I'm missing as I learn more actionscript and create more involved projects.
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          Jan-Paul K. Level 1
          the folders where you put your as files in are also called "packages".

          It is a common stantard to sue package names that relate to the company or top level domain of the developer that has created the as classes.

          So if your domain is www.mydomain.com you would start your package structure with com/mydomain/<project>/

          It is just good practice to do so, but not a must do.

          If you start a new project you would create a class folder where you create your package structure in:

          classes/<here comes your package structure>