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    Opening Projects under version control

      Using Robohelp V6.0 I have created an HTML Help project and added it to Visual SourceSafe V.6.0.
      I can open this project in RoboHelp as expected and the Version Control toolbar is active, allowing me to check files in / out etc.

      Following the steps ontlined in the, help topic : "Opening projects under version control : To open a project already added to version control in RoboHelp" I opened the same project on my colleagues PC. Initlally everything appears to behave as it should, with the project files being copied onto this second PC, the version control toolber being active, and we are able to check files in /out etc. However, on closing the project and subsequently attempting to re-open it there are several problems :

      1. The project is not selected automatically in the Open dialog - and we have to browse to it. (Different behaviour to my own PC)
      2. On opening the project, all icons on the the version control toolbar are greyed out and it is not possible to check files in / out.

      What do I have to do to get the project integrating correctly with VSS on this second PC ?