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    Please help

      Hello everyone,
      I have a problem with navigation between pages. I do not know if it's because AS or I just do something wrong on Main stage. My website consists of 3 pages. Each page is MOVIE CLIP SMBOL and there is short embeded video (270 frames) on every one of them. At the end of those videos (on frame270) there is STOP AS to avoid looping. I had placed those 3 clips into one layer on Main stage as 3 frames (1,2,3) Above those there is another layer for Actions, where I put STOP AS into frames 1,2 and 3 to avoid looping. When I try to test movie everything works fine as long as I don't let play those embeded videos on any page to its end. Once embeded video plays its entire length then buttons don't work anymore. Any suggestions?
      Thank you so much for any input or advice.
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          I think you need to remove the stop action which is in the Actions layer above the three movie clip's as you have the stop at the end of the movie clips. And the "stop" at the top is conflicting the actions of the buttons. Let me know what the button's are trying to do? Give me some more info
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            Jaroush Level 1
            Hi Satrop,
            thanks a lot for your input. I actually figured out what the problem was. What happened was,that I added a keyframes on the last frames of buttons. For some misterious reason I added those keyframes there after AS for navigation had been attached to those buttons. So those last frames did not have actually navigation AS. So they worked fine but when movie reached the last frame, there was no AS to navigate to another page.
            Anyways thank you so much for your response.