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    playing multiple swf's in order

      there must be an easier way to do the following:

      I want to play a list of swf's, one after another, then loop the whole play order,
      sounds simple right?

      this is what i've come up with thus far as a logical order...

      obtain the url list, for now I'll just populate the array,
      eventually code a recordset to feed the urls dynamically.

      load and play the frst swf from frame 2 (frame i is the stopped state in the loaded swf's)

      while the first is playing, start loading the second, in another mc
      when the first swf (or currently played one) is finished (ie. _currentframe == _totalframes)
      play the next same way and repeat untill the last swf in the array
      then loop the playback to the top ( ie if say a loop parameter is true).
      to play the entire list again.....