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    How to clear the Index ?

    Avon_01 Level 1
      Is it possible to clear out the Index and generate it again? I used the Smart Index Wizard and generated over 7,000 entries. I started deleting numbers and then words beginning with A...and two hours later I was just getting to the B's. Is there a method of deleting index entries all at once - instead of individually? Thanks!
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Avon_01

          There are basically two ways you can approach it.

          1. Simply select the first term in the Index designer, then press and hold the Delete key until they all disappear.

          2. You can close the project, then look behind the scenes in your project location for a file named identically as your project, but bearing the extension of .HHK. You can then edit this file to remove most of the content. Thinking about it, you may want to create a totally new project in a temporary location, then copy the .HHK from the new project to the existing one. Just make sure you use the same file name for the .HHK file.

          Cheers... Rick