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    Using Edge Inspect w/ VPN content; cannot see hosted ReFlow page

    mattone2 Level 1

      I'm using Edge Inspect to check a web page developed using Adobe Reflow which is hosted on my employers servers which I can only access using the company's VPN. My Macbook is able to see the web page in Chrome (and other browsers too). I'm have updated my Edge Inspect extensions (ios and Chrome) but I cannot see the web page on my iOS devices. Instead I see a message on screen,  "An error occurred. Web page not available." on both iPad & iphone. I can see other web content just fine, by the way.


      Steps I've taken:

      - restarted ios devices

      - restarted Mac

      - updated Edge Inspect extensions iOS & Chrome

      - refreshed multiple times

      - re-checked wifi network. All devices are on same wifi

      - turned off all Chrome extensions other than Edge


      Still no love. I'm wondering whether the content hosted behind the VPN is not accessible on the iOS devices. I didn't think this would matter since my Mac could view all the content with full permissions.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you,