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    Can one control Illustrator object style in Indesign?

    IdamIndia Level 1


      - An illustration (AI file) is placed (linked) in Indesign

      - Using right click > Layer options, I can control visibility of layers (good!)

      - Using the same options can I also change/control the style? e.g. I want the line thickness to be thicker?

      - Using the same illustration on another page, I want to zoom in the illustration (by scaling content) keeping the line thickness same (or near about visually), but the line thickens due to scaling. Can I control this?

      - If I could, what I mean in the above example is, very important, is to have different thickness of a line of the same illustration (AI file) on different pages!!


      Is THERE a way to do this in InDesign CS6?


      PS: If there is any Autocad user here, they will know this is easily and since decades done in Autocad. Different scales of the same drawing print in same line thickness. or whatever one desides for each viewport.