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    Same pictures in two places: original external drive and its clone, but LR catalog is out of sync


      In moving from one external drive (NAS) to a new external RAID array, my husband copied all folders from the NAS to the RAID (not using LR). The result is that most of our photos currently reside in two places, although some recent photos have been imported pointing to the new RAID drive. For the new imports, the LR catalog knows where they are.  For the old photos that are duplicated/copied, the LR catalog only knows about them in the NAS location. Our objective is to get rid of the NAS.  How can I tell LR to update its catalog so that it finds the old photos on the new RAID array and so that it no longer thinks they're on the NAS?  Is it as simple as removing the NAS drive (taking it offline) and then relinking one of the now missing photos, then finding nearby missing photos?  Or is there another recommended process?  We are running LR 4.4 on Mac (Yosemite). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.