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    Painted layers distorted after clicking "Reset Standard"


      I am working on an animation using After Effects CS6, which includes painting over layers at specific frames.  I accidentally "x"d out my composition window, which I read could be restored by selecting "Window>Workspace>Reset Standard".  But when I did that, the layers I painted over were distorted.  The original unpainted parts of the layer are not where they are supposed to be, with only the marks I made to paint over the layer in their "proper place", and the parts I erased are back again.  I tried quitted without saving, throwing out a few hours of work, but that didn't help.  I own a Mac.  Is there any way I can recover from this, at least to revert the original layers back to normal?


      Here's a visual of one of the layers.  The "face" shown is the original file from photoshop and it has shifted to the left for some reason.  It should be positioned where the three splotches on the right are (those splotches are the edits I made using the paint tool on top of the layer).  Please help, I worked months on this and I can't afford to lose everything.Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.19.12 PM.png