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    More Than One Hour Footage Audio Rendering Issue in Adobe Media Encoder (from AE)


      Hi every one,

      I'm having a render issue when I send an After Effects composition longer than 1 hour to Adobe Media Encoder for encoding H264 files. In this case, I'm trying to render an already rendered 70 min. 23,976 fps DPX sequence paired with a corresponding ".wav" audio file into the composition and the H264 file rendered by AME plays silent for the first 10 minutes and past those 10 "silent" minutes the audio comes back normally during the last 59 min and 59 sec exactly.


      I've tryed every posible "solution" (changing the audio file from .wav to .aiff and .mp3) and assigning more ram to Adobe Media Encoder and it renders the same every single time.


      Please Help!!!!