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    What are considered 'best practices' for creating a responsive design, specifically mobile vs. desktop viewing?

    Erik Urtz Level 1

      I've stumbled upon a lot of work arounds but I'm trying to decide which is the best way to go.


      I'm creating an image intensive, portfolio style, single page website with text & button based 'calls to action.'


      It features a full width image slider, so resolution is important on desktops, and loading speed important on mobile.


      The built in 'responsive scaling' feature is nice but it has a few major issues.

      - different screen sizes and aspect ratios can make some elements considerably too large or too small, especially text.

      - one version of a file is used for all applications and viewing conditions so I need to compromise quality on desktop and speed on mobile rather than optimize for both.

      - it looks like **** in Safari, for some reason.


      The Edge Commons work around would seem to add to the loading issue while also creating the frustration of seeing the percentage based elements rearranging themselves.


      I'd thought of trying to use media queries to load different animations, but I'm not sure this is doable.