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    As the leader of the adobe army i respectfully request help from my fewoll soldiers i have an problem i cant install adobe flash player for some reason ?


      Hello my fellow soldiers today when i was trying to start twitch it said i need flash player then  i remembered i was cleaning my pcs programs and i must of deleted it so it gave me a direct link to the latest version of adobe flash player i clicked the link downloaded the software adobe flash player and pressed run keep in mid my operation [system is windows 7

      and i am using mozila firefox] the instalation window said the execution of this software on the computer has been blocked from the publisher but i am afraid that thats not correcct becouse my windows menu is in Bulgarian and i am sure that that is the best translation possible becouse i am translating it so long sotory short i might of acsideantly removed the software or eaven pressed forbid this software of ever beeing instaled on this pc i know this is not an adobe problem but it still is stoping me to compleate my instalation so please help !!!