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    I'm confused , plase give me some tips


      I'm stuck in my flash project, and I don't know how to fix this, first a background.

      I have develop a player in Directory, it is a News player, that show news and advertising.
      This play work perfectly, it support mpeg, jpeg, mov and flash to play advertising for example.
      Today I want to transfer this player to Unix, and I haven't seen any develop program that support flash, until Adobe release flash player to Unix. So now I think this is a perfect tools to do this in, it can support Windows, Unix and even Mac, it is perfect. Hmm, not so perfect, now I have work 3 weeks on this project, just to realize the flash doesn't support flash. What I mean is, after many hours of searching on the Internet, I realize that Flash can't just play a flash file in a MC, I lose the background color, and I see the animation come in from the side if I change the size to a little movie clip on my main movie. I understand from the search, that if the swf has no background it just transparent, that fin with me, but why can't I turn that of, I just want to play it like I did in Directory, or like Flash player does it, with the original background. Still I don't know how to handle the animation's problem, that runs from side to side, but isn't it funny that flash can't play flash as is it, a simple switch will have don it. Because it is advertising movies, I have no control over them, it is not my production, so any variable, or just put a background in it, is not a options for me.

      I'm really stuck, does anyone have any other idea that I can use, I prefer flash, but any other ideas is welcome to.