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    Flash objects and Director

    the real POTMO Level 1
      Im thinking of starting to use the SmartFoxServer for some multiplayer games.
      They have a Flash-API so you can use the flash XML-socket to connect to the server.
      Id like to do this in director/shockwave without using a flashSprite on the stage.

      this is how you import the API in flash.
      import it.gotoandplay.smartfoxserver.*

      and then create a SmartFoxClient object.
      var smartfox:SmartFoxClient = new SmartFoxClient()

      But can I do the same in director without embedding a flashsprite?
      I dont want the sprite cos youll have to have it on the stage for on frame... and so on... and so on... bad performance... you know...

      Somethig like this in lingo would be nice.
      gSmartFox = newObject("SmartFoxClient")